Saturday, May 2, 2015 updates May 1st

Ultimate Muscleworship with barbending fuck
Annie is doing a muscleworship session and decides to treat the guy to a special show. She flexes and talks about how she needs more of a pump so she gets her iron bar and plays with it...she tells her guy to get on the floor because she wants to ride his cock as she bends the bar. She blows him first to get him all prepared for her barbending show. when he is good and ready she steps back, bends the bar and lowers herself onto his cock. He cums immediately

Muscleworship and pegging
Sweet muscleworship boy worships his Goddess Annie's muscles...and then she fucks him. simple as that. She tells him to get into position and he takes it . Lots of muscle talk, flexing. She tells him 'worship my legs as you're kissing my cock'. Annie tells him her testosterone is surging as she takes his ass...and then kisses him on the lips at the end..... 

Manual ball crushing
Muscular female bodybuilder, Annie, has a male in for a different type of CBT. Annie needs no implements, only her hands to induce a rather 'compressing' situation. She talks about her strong hands as she crunches his balls and cock. She lets up now and then and lets him relax and she teases his cock a bit and then returns to crushing.

Beach cock worship
boytoy is ready to go to the beach but Annie wants to play first....she tells him before she goes out she wants to worship his cock. he asks her to flex for him a little bit to get him in the mood...after he is ready she gets him inside to work on his cock with a nice blowjob to start the day.