Saturday, August 29, 2015

Updates on Aug 28th. 2015

Annie is at the gym pumping up her arms only to go home and get her bicep fucked by her horny boyfriend. # muscular women # biceps #flexing #masturbation instruction # muscle worship # muscle fucking

Emery comes out of the shower and lounges on the bed; she flexes there on the bed all sexy and clean from her shower. VERY SEXY. 

Melody is in the hotel room flexing as she notices an office guy in the building next to her...she decides to put on a show for him. Lots of badass muscletalk! 

Annie is the trainer and Raquel comes over to have her fitness evaluation. Annie checks Raquel out thououghly by checking her bodyweight, her biceps peaks and her arm wrestling strength. Raquel brought her boyfriend along but he is dispatched into the other room but then brought back again to get humiliated in an arm wrestling match.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

femaleMUSCLEmovies updates Aug 1st

A nice display of power in this femaleMUSCLEmovies update:  

Annie's archives: glutes, abs, biceps, pecs, most musculars
More ripped and massive posing in hard and massive shape...showing off glute muscles, abdominals, biceps, pecs with muscle control and most musculars!  RUN TIME 5:00

PEC pump
This is a video shot by Brian Moss in his hardcore gym... Super pec pump with a barbell doing bench presses up to 225# then flexing aggressively for the viewer. Teasing hardcore Muscle Talk like no other!  RUN TIME 5:03

Maryse Manios: Hard Shower
One of the most muscular women in the world flexing and lathering in the shower.  Maryse looks awesome soaking wet.  RUN TIME: 2:27

SessionCam 6 part 1: The Beatdown
Another of Annie's Reality Session Series:  
Annie has a seasoned session guy in for a beatdown session.  For weeks they corresponded; him stating that he wanted her to go all out and show NO MERCY during their session.  Take him by surprise, beat him silly, c#oke him and scissorhold him like there's no tomorrow.  In this part she right off the bat administers a c#okehold that puts him down...while he's still down she assaults him with face slaps and belly punches.  The session has little breaks and some dialogue here and there but it's right back to skull crushing scissorholds, kicks and punches till they are both left breathless.  This is only part 1, more coming soon!! ** This video is highly unedited, fly on the wall set up with a camera candidly catching a REAL beatdown/scissorhold session**  In this video: #muscular women #face slapping #punching #scissorhold #head scissors RUN TIME: 11:00